Follin – “Memories” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Memories” is the moody flip-side to the livelier “Roxy,” Follin’s debut single that was released a few weeks back. The duo — made up of brother-sister Madeline Follin and Richie James Follin, both of whom are best known for their work with Cults and Guards respectively — are making a sonic break with this new project, opting for gauzy synths and a heavier atmosphere compared to the breezy pop-rock roots that they both made their names on. “Memories” in particular shows off this new darker side, as Follin dig their heels in and get stuck on a dream: “They’re just memories,” Madeline throws off in the chorus, but the rest of the song realizes it’s not that easy to erase the impact of a bad experience: “I’ve been stuck in a moment that I shouldn’t have kept/ It was only a moment, only a dream/ But I’m stuck in that moment.” The song takes on a looping cycle to mimic the message, a repetition that you can’t get out of. Listen below.

“Memories” will be available digitally on 3/25 via Father/Daughter Records. The “Roxy” / “Memories” double A-side single will be available as a limited edition cassette pressing only available through independent retailers on 4/15.