Yours Are The Only Ears – “Low” Video

Yours Are The Only Ears – “Low” Video

The last we heard from Yours Are The Only Ears — the muted folk project of visual artist Susannah Cutler — was 2014’s “Fire In My Eyes.” She’s followed that up this year with another new song called “Low,” which adds some soft synths and chimes to the mix but largely hews towards minimalism. It’s a quietly despairing track about the passing of time and constantly fluctuating emotions; the most cutting line is “I used to make decisions, but these days they make me,” a pointed surrendering of control to fate. The track comes attached to a beautifully serene video directed by Taya Bayat, which follows Cutler and keyboardist JongMin Lin through the American Museum Of Natural History and Central Park. Watch and listen below.

“Low” is out now.

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