Morly – “Plucky”

Minneapolis-born, LA-based producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Morly is gearing up to release the Something More Holy EP later this spring. She makes a catchy, versatile brand of genre-fusing indie pop. As a sign of her broad array of sonic utensils, the first offering, “If Only Chords,” was a minimal, chasmic electro-dominant track while her latest follow up, “Plucky” is hip-hop leaning with classical and dancehall undertones via the FADER. A simple two-note grand piano drives the track as syncopated drums and that infectious, mild dancehall synth pattern join. Morly’s highly melodic vocals weave in and out of the melding seamlessly for a subdued, but catchy hook. That catchiness combined with the varying sonics make it easy to gloss over her voice like it’s another instrument, but there are some piercing relationship ruminations cleverly buried underneath that are worth digging for. Check it out.

Something More Holy is out 4/8 via Cascine. Pre-order it here.

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