Jack Antonoff Is Writing A Book About ’90s CD Culture

Bleachers leader and behind-the-scenes pop collaborator Jack Antonoff is writing a book about ’90s CD culture, so says The New York Times. The book, Record Store, will be published by Simon & Schuster with a projected release date of 2017. It’ll focus on chains such as Tower Records and Sam Goody and, according to an announcement, will “pay tribute to the cherished, and endangered, cultural institution.”

In an interview with the Times, Antonoff expanded: “It seems like the nerdy, record-collector type owns the conversation. But that wasn’t my experience growing up, and it wasn’t the experience of a lot of people I know. [The book will be] the opposite of an old, crotchety, ‘things-were-better,’ dusty book about vinyl.”

Antonoff will round up some of his famous friends to talk about their connection with CDs and record store culture, “everyone from really notable people to the guy that managed the Tower Records where I grew up,” he tells NYT.

He predicts that vinyl nostalgia will eventually extend towards CDs, as well: “We’re right in the middle of this moment when we think that time period was a big, weird joke, but it was how most of us discovered music. These are already antique artifacts. At some point there will be a tipping point where these things are going to be so important.”

Are we just around the corner from a CD Store Day? No, right?