Neil Young Almost Fronted Nirvana Members For Sound City

There’s a new documentary called The Smart Studios Story, about alt-rock super-producer Butch Vig and his Madison, Wisconsin studio. And as part of the promo for it, Vig recently sat down for an interview with the Daily Beast, which included a few interesting tidbits. Vig is, of course, most famous for producing Nirvana’s Nevermind, but he also recently worked with the surviving members of the group on the Sound City soundtrack a few years ago. And while those guys did with Paul McCartney on “Cut Me Some Slack,” they also came very close to teaming up with Neil Young:

The only project I’m bummed didn’t happen was when we were doing Sound City, Dave Grohl was inviting people in to jam in the studio and we had set up a session for Krist and Dave from Nirvana to play with Neil Young. It would have been fucking awesome. And I know if Neil Young played with them he’d go, oh, let’s go on tour and play some shows together! It would be like Crazy Horse on steroids. But then it didn’t happen. Neil Young had a book coming out so he was on a book tour, and Dave had to go interview him somewhere else. It’s a bummer, man.

In that same interview, Vig also talked about how Kurt Cobain wanted him to producer Hole’s Live Through This, and he broadly implied that he thought Cobain wrote at least some of that album:

Kurt kept calling me on In Utero and saying, “Butch, you’ve gotta do Courtney Love’s record [Live Through This]! You’ve gotta do it!” And I said, well, I’m not done with the Pumpkins’ record until April or May, whenever it was. And Billy Corgan was like, “Do you really want to work with Courtney on this?” I mean, I know Courtney, and god bless her, but I was pretty burned out after working on Siamese Dream… I think Kurt might have helped her with some of the music, but those are totally her words. And hey, if your husband is a great songwriter, why not get a little help?

You can read the whole interview here.