Sammy Hagar Now Says He Would Reunite With Van Halen

Sammy Hagar isn’t really shy about anything, but he definitely hasn’t been shy about his disdain for Eddie Van Halen. Hagar hasn’t spoken to Van Halen in person for over 12 years, but he’s kept a vigilant eye on what the guitarist has been up to and readily slings mud. To put it euphemistically, the former frontman wasn’t impressed with the band’s last offering Tokyo Dome Live In Concert. When Van Halen trashed the band’s former bassist Michael Anthony in a Billboard cover story, Hagar came to Anthony’s defense and added “Fuck you, Eddie Van Halen.”

Apparently all of that is water under the bridge as Hagar told Rolling Stone he’s had a change of heart in light of contemporaries David Bowie and Glenn Frey’s recent deaths:

I realized that I didn’t want to take any enemies to my grave. If I K.O. tomorrow, I don’t want to have an enemy. I don’t know how the afterlife works, but I’d just as soon not go there with any enemies…I’ve never seen so many guys from my era K.O. like that,” he says. “Bowie was my hero. It was one after the other, even a young guy like Scott Weiland. He inducted me in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You just go, ‘Aw, man!’

Hagar went on to say that he wouldn’t initiate contact, but would be open if Eddie or any other members of the band were to reach out he’d be glad to get some coffee and talk. No telling what will come of his epiphany, but it’s cool to see that he’s open. Read the full interview at Rolling Stone.