Islands – “The Joke” & “Christmas Tree”

Islands – “The Joke” & “Christmas Tree”

Ambitious indie rockers Islands are set to drop two albums, Taste and Should I Remain Here At Sea?, later this spring. They’ve already shared lead singles “Back Into It” from Should I Remain Here At Sea? and “Charm Offensive” from Taste. Today, the band shares official audio for “The Joke” from Taste, which premiered on The Best Show a little over a week ago.

“The Joke” is a groovy, rhythmic track with quick guitar strums circling heavy drums and quick flourishes reminiscent of Ennio Morricone’s “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Main Theme.” It’s some of the most danceable rock I’ve heard in quite some time, but the lyrics belie the title and sound for a palpable, wonderful tension. Frontman Nick Thorburn sings anarchy with lines like: “Shot by the pig with a badge and a gun/ Killed by an elephant and not just the one/ Maybe we should burn it down, we should burn it down/ Poor little pharmacy, who lit it on fire?/ Dear mister commissioner why don’t you retire/ We’re gonna burn it down, we’re gonna burn it all down.” It calls attention to the ugly parts of living in this world that we don’t want to acknowledge, but could easily get you to dance as soon as ponder. Check it out.

UPDATE: Here’s “Christmas Tree” from Should I Remain Here At Sea?, which also debuted on The Best Show.

Taste and Should I Remain Here At Sea? are out 5/13. Pre-order through PledgeMusic or at iTunes (here’s Taste and here’s Should I Remain Here At Sea?).

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