Choose Your Own Adventure In The Video For Jeff Buckley’s Bob Dylan Cover “Just Like A Woman”

If the people who stand to profit off selling every last scrap from Jeff Buckley’s archives several times over insist on doing so, the least they can do is try something fun and unique with it — something like this Choose Your Own Adventure-style video for “Just Like A Woman,” Buckley’s Bob Dylan cover from the new early rarities comp You And I. It was produced by the interactive media company Interlude and Blind design studios. Here’s how it works, according to Mashable:

You can click on 73 different story cells to change the narrative, and there are around 1 sexdecillion ways that the story could play out, according to the video’s creators. For the record, that’s a “one” with 51 zeros after it.

You can control the narrative musically as well. The video starts with just Buckley’s voice accompanied by a guitar — but from there, it can go in several different directions. A piano, a full orchestration and a choir can join in, depending on your choices. In fact, there are over 16,000 different music combinations possible — so good luck listening to it the same way twice.

The actual variation is negligible if you ask me, but there’s a cool (500) Days Of Summer effect to seeing the various phases of the romance at different times. Play around with it below.

You And I is out now on Legacy Recordings.