Looks Like Axl Rose Really Is Joining AC/DC

Looks Like Axl Rose Really Is Joining AC/DC

Last week, there was this crazy rumor that Axl Rose would become the new singer for AC/DC. Brian Johnson, AC/DC’s singer since 1980, has been told to stop touring with the band if he doesn’t want to suffer “total hearing loss,” and AC/DC remain a total touring cash cow, so they do need a new singer. But we decided not to post anything about it, since it seemed too ridiculous to be weird. With Axl Rose about to reunite with former classic-era Guns N’ Roses bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan, would he really join another band?

Maybe he would! Right now, evidence shows that Rose might actually be joining AC/DC, as impossible to imagine as that might be. Last week, Malcolm Young’s son Ross claimed that Rose was indeed joining the band. And now TMZ has photos of Rose visiting the same Atlanta rehearsal studio as the remaining AC/DC members. TMZ seems to think that AC/DC will open for GN’R on GN’R’s forthcoming tour, so Rose will just sing with both bands. That seems like a lot to ask of a guy who just refuses to go onstage some nights!

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