Tipping Pavement’s Bassist

Rock Stars Who Went Back to Work:

  • “M4rk 1bold of Pavement’s been seen pouring drinks in M4nh4tt4n of late.”
  • “what were embrace doing? one of kula shaker works in marketing, that i know.”
  • “bill withers went back to working as a contractor when he stopped singing.”
  • “Greg Norton from Husker Du opened a restaurant.”
  • “Justine Frischmann of Elastica has done some school teaching since 2001.”
  • “Topper Headon (Clash) is apparently a taxi driver”
  • “Michael Gerard of Killdozer is a tax lawyer”
  • “A former Buzzcock (can’t remember if it’s Steve Garvey or John Maher) is apparently working as a car mechanic somewhere in the USA.”
  • “kyuss bassist scott reeder opened a petstore when they disbanded”
  • “adam pfahler (jawbreaker) owns his own video store.”

Any others?

(link via a comment in this Monkeyfilter thread about David Yow)