Watch Joanna Newsom Sing With Amber Coffman & Robin Pecknold, Stage Impromptu Q&A In LA

Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold has been opening for Joanna Newsom on her tour in support of Divers and occasionally performing a couple of songs with her onstage. And on Friday night and Saturday night, during her shows at LA’s Orpheum Theater, both Pecknold and Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman joined in for Divers’ “Time, As A Symptom” and Have One On Me’s “Good Intentions Paving Company.” Watch fan-captured footage from the second night below.

That wasn’t the only surprise occurrence during the shows, however. On both nights, while Newsom was pausing to tune her harp, she began an impromptu Q&A session, inviting the audience to ask her a few questions. One asked about her favorite animal (the hummingbird), another asked who designed her dress (Michael van der Ham), and another asked when she started playing the harp (she was 10). Watch below.