Told Slant – “Low Hymnal”

Told Slant – “Low Hymnal”

A lot’s changed since Told Slant’s Still Water came out back in 2012. The Epoch, previously just a collective of musicians in Brooklyn, has turned into something of an institution with a number of successful and popular projects under its belt, including Eskimeaux, Florist, Bellows, Small Wonder, and Sharpless. Told Slant itself has grown immeasurably in the years since Still Water’s release, mostly due to a consistent touring schedule around New York and the country and partially because of a voracious Tumblr following that’s found a lot to connect with in Felix Walworth’s intimate lyricism and distinctive caterwaul. Four years later, Told Slant are gearing up to release their sophomore album, Going By, and anyone who was a fan of the first one is sure to find a lot to like here as well.

The best Told Slant moments are when their songs build to these gutting, cathartic twists of phrase that compel you to sing along and mimic Walworth’s every inflection — “I’m living horribly so I don’t want to know how you’re doing,” “You look like algae bloom when you’re down,” “I am not what I want to be.” Luckily for us, Going By’s lead single “Low Hymnal” has two such peaks, equally powerful: “Why don’t you comfort me?” and “Felix, you can battering ram this life.” Both tie into the narrative of the track, which is about destroying everything you once knew in order to create a new and more true identity. It’s a terrifying endeavor, and you can hear the tremble in Walworth’s voice as they ask for help through the transition. But the clean slate that comes with aligning your identity with what you feel inside outweighs any anxieties over the process, and the takeaway is a feeling of renewal. We can all battering ram our lives if need be. Listen below.

01 “I Don’t”
02 “Green Nail Polish”
03 “Tall Cans Hold Hands”
04 “High Dirge”
05 “Eggs In A Basket”
06 “Low Hymnal”
07 “Tsunami”
08 “Delicate”
09 “Sweater”
10 “Wappingers Creek”
11 “Cannon Balls”

Going By is out 6/17 via Double Double Whammy. You can pre-order it here. Told Slant is going on tour this summer with the Hotelier, Bellows, and Loone.

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