Colleen Green – “Between The Lines”

Colleen Green released one of the best albums of 2015, and she’s following it up with a new EP in May. I Want To Grow Up is a painfully personal purging of emotion coated in bubblegum sheen, but it’s also just a ridiculously fun album to listen to. Green used a drum machine on her previous albums, but she enlisted Casey Weissbuch (formerly of Diarrhea Planet, currently in the Mitski band as well as Sharpless) to play on I Want To Grow Up, which gave the LP a bit more spunk. This new single, “Between The Lines,” finds Green back on a DIY kick, her self-aware ramblings underscored by a steadfast beat. “I’m just a dog without a bone, I’m just a heart without a home/ And I feel it all the time, when I’m alone,” she sings. Listen below via Spin.

Colleen Green’s new EP is out 5/13 via Infinity Cat.