Stream Ash Koosha I AKA I

The story surrounding Ash Koosha is just as fascinating as the album itself. The Iranian-born producer, who discovered his passion for music in his home country, never returned after a tour to the UK seven years ago, and you can hear that displacement in the music on I AKA I, his second album, and in the producer’s obsession with VR technology, which allows him to escape from wherever he is and occupy a virtual world. The songs on I AKA are future-leaning and intricately arranged. We’ve heard three so far — “Mudafossil,” “Biutiful,” and “Ooh Uhh — and now you can hear the whole album. Here’s how Ash Koosha laid out the record to Dazed, who premiered it earlier today:

We are merging with technology and it’s applied to us more than ever. On this album the concept is how I face a version of myself which is merged with technology and enhanced: is it a different entity, or is it me but improved? That’s why I called it I AKA I — it’s a mirrored version. Even though we’re gonna be more scientifically advanced, we’re gonna stay human beings. And we should stay human beings.

Listen below.

I AKA I is out 4/1 via Ninja Tune.

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