Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

April Fool’s Day is usually annoying on the internet, so props to the folks who played these amusing music-related pranks today: Kurt Vile’s GQ cover, Cassette Me, Please, Yeezy Season IKE4. Hamburger Helper, on the other hand, can give it a rest.


#10  meat | Mar 29th Score:27

i thought this was the ‘doris stamp’?

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#9  blochead | Mar 28th Score:27

I want this trainwreck to happen in the worst way.

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#8  blochead | Mar 25th Score:27

The doris joke……parced out.

The article was about a squirrel and his gather of nuts.
Doris comment “A Korn song would’ve been better”
A Korn song
Acorn song

If you feel rage right now it’s ok. That’s the correct response.

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#7  LobeliaS-B | Mar 28th Score:27

I made that Bush famous

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Tim Sentz | Mar 25th Score:27

Car Seat Headrest.

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#5  theyachtmaster | Mar 25th Score:27

Weezer’s latest albums have seemed to me like a divorced dad who keeps “tah-dah!”-ing out of the H&M dressing room in increasingly embarrassing outfits, attempting to revive his teenage pizazz, only to elicit repeated face-palming from his mortified children.

If that makes sense to anyone.

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#4  Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo | Mar 31st Score:29

FWIW his facebook statement seems pretty sincere to me.

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#3  inthedeadofknight | Mar 29th Score:31

Man, the internet, specifically social media, is turning into a savage cesspool of negativity. All people do is go out of their way to trash celebrities and athletes in an attempt to get noticed; some of it is just pure hate that no one would’ve ever dreamed of saying to anyone 15 years ago. It’s disgusting. On this topic, I think it’s pretty damn unnecessary for that dude to post that picture in the first place, and I really hope he didn’t post an old photo just to stir up shit being that she said no cheating went on. Who knows, hope she gets help though, she’s obviously fragile, maybe not made for the ruthless spotlight.

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Doris Montgomery | Mar 29th Score:31

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#1  kerda | Mar 31st Score:37

No, not in my opinion at least.

I’ve been a fan of Bronson for years, and I’ve always described the “Action Bronson” persona as a mix of Ghostface Killah, Anthony Bourdain and the Dos Equis Man: sort of a fantastical, cosmopolitan dirtbag who travels the world dining with royalty and pissing in alleyways. He’s a guy who very much revels in the sort of gleefully scummy sensibility of mid-90s New York rap, but there’s pretty much always a tongue planted firmly in cheek. An example from his song “Steve Wynn”:

“Green Timbs, in Vegas I’m like Steve Wynn/ At the same time fellatio from three twins/ Those are triplets, I been wildin’ since the rabbi snipped it/ Then they laughed and made brisket”

Why does he seem to piss people off more than guys like Young Thug, or Kevin Gates (whose song “Posed To Be In Love” is literally about beating a girl who cheated on him), or myriad other rappers with equally/more “problematic” content? Because he’s white, and he’s safe to criticize without facing charges of cultural insensitivity/being racially tone deaf.

And I say this as a black guy ( I shouldn’t have to note that, but I know the assumptions people will make if I don’t). I personally love a lot of rap that, in terms of content, is deeply, deeply fucked up, and I overall tend to have a more liberal view on art, in that I don’t see artists as having a moral obligation to “punch up” in their work or advocate on behalf of my personal politics to be interesting/worthwhile. But it does bother me that a lot of the same people who will get very, very angry because Mark Kozelek heckles a female journalist will all day profess their love for Future, a guy whose oeuvre the past few years has been built around shitting on his ex wife.

Either you’re sensitive to this kind of stuff or you’re not, but be consistent. If your righteous indignation in defense of oppressed people only swells up when you’re attacking a soft target, then you’re a fucking phony.

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#5  amarc | Mar 30th Score:-11

Never said it was. Still something pointless to snark at.

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#4  undergroundspoon | Mar 25th Score:-11

Yo, Raditude is underrated.

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#3  From Half Back to Half Forward | Mar 30th Score:-13

I don’t want to like these two, but the last album was good, and man I’d dig more of their electronica – the older stuff is landfill and mostly shocking.

Also hate the arrogant sister. Worst person to listen to interviewed; so stern you wonder how she wrote Closer…

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#2  amarc | Mar 30th Score:-15

Nah, just have to chuckle at the hypocrisy where I see it. Like, if you think Trump is a race-baiter (as the author points out), I’ve got probably a couple hundred others I’d love to hear your opinion on. And then you (the author) go on to take a jab at the man’s skin tone literally the very next word of the article. Um, okay?

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#1  amarc | Mar 30th Score:-18

So tolerant

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  LobeliaS-B | Mar 31st Score:4


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