GOAT – “I Sing In Silence”

GOAT – “I Sing In Silence”

The Swedish band GOAT bang out ecstatic, percussive, vaguely tribal psych-rock while wearing big wooden masks, and we might be tempted to call them Western fetishizers if they weren’t so goddam good at it. The one time I saw them live, they were absolutely revelatory, and their records almost always bang hard. The last time we heard from the band, it was on “It’s Time For Fun,” the single they released last year. They’ve got another two-song single on the way, and “I Sing In Silence,” the A-side, finds the band in a bit less of a frenzy than usual. The track is built around gentle Afropop guitars, and it winds rather than pounds. It’s still really good, though; listen below.

“I Sing In Silence” b/w “The Snake Of Addis Ababa” is out 5/27 on Sub Pop.

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