Chance The Rapper Says He’s Dropping A New Mixtape This Month

The long-awaited follow-up to Acid Rap might be on its way. Chance The Rapper performed at a SoundCloud Go launch party in NYC on Thursday, and according to Esquire, the young star announced that “his next mixtape is due out this month.” (They really buried the lede in that article.) Chance also did his transcendent verse from Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” again, and it was again transcendent. Watch below, and get excited for Chance to do a good ass job with Chance three.

Fun fact: Chance released 10 Day on April 3rd, 2012, and he released Acid Rap on April 30, 2013. Dude must love April! (His birthday is April 16, so that might have something to do with it.)