Stream Space Raft Rubicon (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Space Raft Rubicon (Stereogum Premiere)

Fresh off playing a Bernie Sanders rally in the leadup to the Wisconsin Democratic primary, Milwaukee rockers Space Raft are set to release their sophomore album Rubicon next week. With its upbeat rhythms, bright keys, and wild ’60s- and ’70s-influenced guitar, Rubicon explores what it means to lose yourself and find yourself again.

The album contains stellar tracks like “Disconnection Notice,” which shifts from a radiant rhythm and sparkling keys to a standout guitar solo that completely transforms the song into perplexing, dynamic rock. A number of other songs on the album also shift in style — like the bold, blues-heavy “Bitter Cup,” which is halted midway by steady drums that take the song in a different direction, and “Red Arrow,” which grows to encapsulate Space Raft’s use of post-punk immediacy with urgent drums and seductive, dark vocals.

Among their many other influences, Space Raft also delves into psychedelic weirdness in tune with their ’60s sound on songs like “Mountain” and “Vacation,” tracks with hazy vocals and guitar that could drift you away into the great unknown. Space Raft tackle a number of different styles on Rubicon, rolling them all up into their own joyous sound. Listen below.

Rubicon is out 4/15 via Dusty Medical Records in the US and Bachelor Records in Austria. Pre-order it here.


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