Taylor Bennett – “Straight From The Bottom”

Yeee! Two blessings from the Brothers Bennett in one week! Just a couple days ago, Chance The Rapper (aka Chancelor Bennett, Taylor’s older brother) announced he would be dropping a mixtape this month. And today, Taylor hits us with another nice loosie following the dope Broad Shoulders tape he dropped last winter, titled “Straight From The Bottom.” I don’t mean to lump them together, because it would be a shame for Taylor to get lost in his brother’s shadow, but the similarities between the two are too obvious to ignore — down to Taylor’s slightly deeper rasp. On his new track he uses a locked-in cadence to express his idea of the perfect level of success that allows him to lead a normal life. Intertwined with the pretty, piano-driven beat with trap leanings, it’s another beautiful piece of introspection that we’ve come to expect from both Bennett brothers. Check it out.