The Lees Of Memory – “Squared Up” (Demo) (Stereogum Premiere)

The Lees Of Memory – “Squared Up” (Demo) (Stereogum Premiere)

Superdrag’s John Davis and Brandon Fisher team with Nick Slack to comprise the Lees Of Memory, whose prior album and 7″ single curried favor around here. The shoegaze-inflected Tennessee rock trio’s new LP Unnecessary Evil is well underway, and last week they launched a PledgeMusic campaign to finish the job. One of the benefits of pledging is immediate access to an alternate version of the album made up of four-track home demos. Today we’re sharing one of those demos, a beautifully drowsy midtempo acoustic track called “Squared Up.” Listen below.

Also on deck for the Lees Of Memory is a unique 7″ for Velocity Of Sound. The B-side plays the A-side backwards, from the label out. “Even the palindrome inscribed in the run-off matrix is backwards on the B-side,” Davis explains. They shared the A-side, “All-Powerful You,” earlier this week. Check it out.

Unnecessary Evil is coming soon. Visit PledgeMusic for more info.

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