Stream Suuns Hold/Still (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Suuns Hold/Still (Stereogum Premiere)

Later this week Montreal rockers Suuns will release Hold/Still, their third full-length not counting last year’s collaboration with Jerusalem In My Heart. The new LP is hot, yet cold; intimate, but detached; lustful, though toxic. It rages with cognitive dissonance and embraces the polarizing relationship of opposites, forcing them to engage with one another.

By utilizing minimalistic electronic sounds in convergence with guitar rock and tantalizing lyrics, Suuns have created an obscure but alluring album that does exactly what they intended to do. Songs like “Fall” and “Instrument” weave hypnotic industrial noise with sparse synthetic sounds, breathing unusual life into their guitar-driven foundations. The album’s concept of opposition even falls in and out of tracks like “Brainwash,” which begins with a lighter tone that is interrupted with controlled fits of amplifying bass. Similarly, “Resistance” carries a mechanical, repetitive sound throughout, though eventually grows to become almost an opposite of itself, shifting into warped mysticism. The cumulative effect of it all is an esoteric collection that comes together comprehensibly and gracefully. Listen below.

Hold/Still will be out 4/15 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.

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