Watch Josh Homme Berate Autograph Seeker Outside Detroit Afterparty

Watch Josh Homme Berate Autograph Seeker Outside Detroit Afterparty

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has a history of blowing up at fans, and TMZ’s cameras caught him doing it again on Thursday night in Detroit. In fairness to Homme, though, it looks like he had his reasons. TMZ says that Homme was leaving an afterparty for his show with Iggy Pop when a man approached him to ask for an autograph. Homme apparently figured that this wasn’t a real fan, just a memorabilia reseller looking to make some money selling something on eBay. And when the quote-unquote fan, who said he was a teacher, made a joke about Homme making money from expensive concert tickets and T-shirts, Homme lit into the guy, calling him a “fucking loser” and a “spoiled motherfucker,” saying that he wasn’t entitled to expect free shit from a rock star. Watch the altercation below.

Honestly, no matter how big of a fan you are, the move when you get turned down for an autograph is to just say, “OK, thanks,” and keep moving. You aren’t going to come out of a conversation like this looking good.

UPDATE: One fan in attendance adds this context via Stereogum’s Facebook

Thought I’d say- I was at this in Detroit and was right next to Josh when this happened. TMZ cut out the angry comments made by the ‘fan’/autograph hound, and it’s unfair to Josh that they did that. Josh wasn’t signing autographs because there were obvious eBay sellers there (multiple items, lying to get stuff signed for their kids, etc), but he said he would take pictures with everybody. Suddenly, the autograph hounds weren’t interested. When Josh started taking pictures with people, the autograph hound (who talked about reselling the autographs while we were waiting outside) then said “do you know how much we made off you tonight”, which was a reply to Josh saying that he didn’t want anything ending up on eBay. Taking pictures with fans was generous, and I just thought I’d set the record straight.

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