MOSSY – “Ginsberg”

MOSSY – “Ginsberg”

MOSSY is the project of Sydney-based triple threat Jamie Timony. The singer/songwriter/actor makes indie pop with a hard-hitting, jagged edge, utilizing huge, rattling drums and R&B proclivities to lift his beautiful tenor. He’s set to release his self-titled debut later this spring. The first foray was the provocative “Electric Chair,” and today he follows up with another powerful track, “Ginsberg.”

The song opens with a slow, heavy-handed drum pattern before agile finger-picked guitar and groovy bass strums slowly rise from a simmer to lift Timony’s vocals. He sings longingly, “Shooting stars at night/ I’m carving with my knife/ A map of where I’d rather be,” evoking the feeling of looking for something substantial but not having the slightest clue of where to look or what the real feels like when it hits. Timony’s alluring voice has the space to roam in and out where it pleases, allowing his lyrics to resonate and reverberate. Listen.

MOSSY’s self-titled debut is out 5/9 on IOHYOU.

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