Television Without Diddy

These days, MTV is probably the last channel you’d click to hear good music on TV. Between CMJ and Vegas I needed a night of DVR to decompress. This is what I heard…


  • Jane’s Addiction “Been Caught Stealing”
  • Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock “It Takes Two”
  • Nena “99 Luftballoons”
    This show is funny if you like redneck and gay jokes. Actually, I did laugh a few times. Nice to see Blake from Rilo Kiley’s old sidekick Ethan Suplee back on TV.


  • Christina Aguilera “Beautiful”
  • Massive Attack “Teardrop” [House Theme]
  • Elvis Cosetllo (!) “Beautiful”
    Didn’t love this show, but awesome Massive Attack song as the theme. Points for going with “Teardrop” and not “Angel,” which is the go-to song for TV and movie scenes in which a character takes ecstasy (e.g., The West Wing #422, Go). Blue Lines gets all the praise from trip hop fans, but I’m partial to Mezzanine. Trying to find Elvis’ unexpected Xtina cover for you!

    Massive Attack – “Teardrop” (MP3)


  • Steve Carrell “Tiny Dancer”
    Doesn’t trump the original, but this is probably the funniest sitcom on TV right now [Oops, aside from Arrested Dev, obvs. -ed]. And on last night’s episode Kevan’s friend B.J. won the Dundie for Most Hot. Which is almost as good as Whitest Sneakers. In this episode, MC Michael Scott butchers some Elton at the local Chili’s.


  • Black Eyed Peas & Earth, Wind, & Fire – “September” (Live @ The Emmys)
    Fresh from his Emmy wins, Jon Stewart kicked off the show by explaining the facial expression the camera caught him making during Black Eyed Peas’ performance. If you missed Jon’s “censored” Emmy segment, watch here (.mov) via Lindsay. New correspondent Dan Bakkedahl’s bumvertising bit was pretty outrageous.

    True Love Always – “September” (MP3)

    *Crazy coincidence: just like the song goes, tonight is the 21st night of September. Happy birthday Jennifer!


  • Max Weinberg 7 – “Learn To Fly”
    After the monologue, Conan couldn’t help but comment on the band’s song selection.

    CONAN: Wait, what song was that?
    MAX: That was uh, Foo Fighters.
    CONAN: That’s like the most modern thing you’ve ever played! You actually played something from like … that’s like from the mid-’90s! That’s a new record for you.
    MAX: My son suggested it.
    CONAN: That’s a great song. Good for you.

    Really awkward. My Name Is Earl’s Jason Lee was the guest and got a proper ribbing for naming his son after a Grandaddy song. Jason claims Pilot likes his name, but he’s only two.

    Elsewhere, LAW & ORDER: SVU was fucking awesome, but it was heavy on the drama, light on the rock. Hum the L&O theme to yourself if you choose. MTV’s THE REALITY SHOW was underwhelming. WEEDS has a new CD soundtrack that includes Sufjan Stevens, Sons & Daughters, New Pornographers, Mountain Goats, and that wacky ticky-tacky theme. Stream the album here.

    Yes, I watched a lot of TV last night.

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    And that Dylan PBS doc we were talking about yesterday … Newsweek says, “The press conferences, with questions so clueless they border on the insane, must be seen to be believed.” Fun!