Stream Flasher Flasher

Stream Flasher Flasher

Today, the great punk rock critic Maria Sherman published an article about a new wave of punk bands coming out of Washington, DC, one that sort of coalesces around the fiery band Priests. (This is entirely different from the thriving DC retro-thrash scene and bands like Red Death, and it’s pretty fucking impressive that DC has two parallel punk scenes doing big things at the same time.) The article is centered around a new band called Flasher, which includes one member of Priests. Flasher released a self-titled cassette debut a week ago, and it’s well worth your time. The band, in its ferocity and in the intricately instinctive interplay of its rhythm section, recalls the prime ’90s DC post-hardcore of bands like Fugazi. But from song to song, they also incorporate bits of dream-pop, shoegaze, and maybe even krautrock. It’s awesome. I’m on my second listen to the tape, and I already know that there will be many more ahead. Check the whole thing out below.

Flasher is out now on Priests’ Sister Polygon label; it’s yours for $5 at Bandcamp.

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