KINO KIMINO – “Caste Out” Video

KINO KIMINO – “Caste Out” Video

KINO KIMINO is the project of artsy rock auteur Kim Talon with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley. They’re gearing up to release their new album Bait Is For Sissies this summer. They’ve already shared the lead single, “Passion,” along with a weird tutorial video, and today they follow up with another new track and set of visuals for “Caste Out” via The FADER.

The song is blistering fun with loosely strummed guitar lines, quick rolling drum transitions and that melts into a slow churning, menacing trip, and ends on a bright guitar line. The switches happen at inopportune moments and keep the ear guessing through delightful abruptness. The clip, directed by Cody Zaporzan and Talon herself, features the trio wandering the snowy streets of Winnipeg doing fun stuff with stoic facial expressions. The play in the snow, drink chocolate milk, get Slurpees, and basically revert to 10-year-olds, but they aren’t enjoying it at all. The video is a great contrast to quickly paced section of the song. Check it out.

Bait Is For Sissies is out 6/3 on Biakka Records.

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