Homeboy Sandman – “Talking (Bleep)” Video

Tongue-twisting Queens spitter Homeboy Sandman is set to drop his latest full-length effort, Kindness For Weakness. He shared the lead single “Talking (Bleep)” about a month ago, and today it’s matched with a set of visuals. The song is on the simple side for Sandman, but he’s still got plenty of venom for the Huffington Post (which he’s written for), directionally challenged women, fans that expect him to make songs that aren’t unique, rappers not willing to break him off a little change for verses, and any and everyone who annoys him. The Jay Brown-directed clip features Homeboy Sandman getting in martial arts fights and shootouts with warped-mouthed men in suits talking gibberish. He’s pretty tall at around 6’5″ and resembles a young Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death at certain points, but unlike Kareem, he’s definitely the one serving ass whoopings, not taking them. Watch.

Kindness For Weakness is out 5/6 on Stones Throw.