Corbu – “Polygon Forest” (Stereogum Premiere)

Corbu is a Brooklyn indie/electro pop outfit that creates soaring, glimmering explosions of energy and rhythm. Their first two EPs, We Are Sound and Everything You Imagine Is Real, had immense moments with frontman Jonathan Graves’ vocals enveloped by shimmering synths and huge drums, but they also tempered those moments with hazy psychedelia. On their first full-length offering, Crayon Soul, they exhibit an even more deft control.

The first peek of the album is “Polygon Forest.” It’s a slow-building foray with sparkling, warped synths, and rising electric guitar balanced with intricate, heavy drums, and a groovy bassline. Graves’ effortless higher register cuts through the instrumentation with entrancing lyrics that add potency to their delivery. The psych leanings and electronic wanderings are combined exquisitely as Graves narrates a vivid fantasy. Here’s what the frontman had to say about the song:

“Polygon Forest” is sun and haze. It’s the feeling of waking up from one dream to find yourself in another one. Floating over trees and wondering where your body went – connecting with a vast physical space, like a mountain range or a canyon. Sometimes being lost is fun. When you know where you’re going, all the mystery of a place goes away. It’s about feeling lost and being ok with that, enjoying it.


Crayon Soul is out 8/5 via Big Picnic.

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