Baby In Vain – “The Urge”

Baby In Vain hail from Denmark and they’re one of Partisan Records’ most recent signees. We heard their forthcoming EP’s debut single, “Martha’s View,” a few weeks back, and today they premiered a new one. “The Urge” is a tightly-wound, post-hardcore song that sounds like someone crawling through the trenches of a depressive episode. It starts with a fragmented description of the protagonist’s surroundings (“I see the sun crawling over the hills/ I hear the leaves whistling in the wind”), and eventually transitions into a lust-fueled moment of self-reflection (“I see the urge, it’s stuck within”). According to Noisey UK, the song was partially inspired by a documentary about serial killers. Listen below.

The For The Kids EP is out 4/29 via Partisan.

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