Download Riz MC Englistan Mixtape

Englistan, the new mixtape from the London rapper Riz Ahmed, opens with “I Ain’t Being Racist But…,” a seven-minute spoken-word harangue rapped from the point of view of an English yob who is ferociously resisting the idea that his homeland is any sort of a melting pot. Ahmed, who records as Riz MC, is Pakistani, and his music is full of heavy, intense ideas about identity. He’s also a gifted, fluid, charismatic figure. In the past, he’s been part of the Swet Shop Boys rap duo with Heems and part of the futurist dance-rap duo Halflife with producer Distance. He’s also a gifted and promising actor, and he’ll be in the new Bourne and Star Wars movies later this year. Keep your eye on this guy, and listen to Englistan below.

Pay what you want to download Englistan at Bandcamp.

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