Klangstof – “Island” (Stereogum Premiere)

Klangstof — an invented slang term merging “klang” (Norwegian for “echo”) and “stof” (Dutch for “dust”) — is the musical identity of Koen, a native of rural Norway and the former bassist for the Dutch band Moss. His latest single, “Island,” has dramatic vocals and tactfully reverberating guitar parts that lend it the spacious and intense feeling of classic mid-aughts alt-rock titans like Muse and Radiohead. And in taking a somewhat Thom Yorke-ian artistic risk with a six-and-a-half-minute track largely consisting of a sky-high instrumental soundscape, I’d venture to say the spirit of these groups comes across as well. Completing a trifecta of sorts, by channeling the isolation of the Norwegian wilderness, Koen achieves the sort of longing and natural timbre of Sigur Rós, settling the emotions of his work steadily on planet Earth. Here’s some background on the track from Koen:

“Island” was the first track i ever recorded as klangstof. the “Island” was one of places i went to to write new songs when i was recording demos at my parents little farm in Norway. i made a loop of me stamping my feet on the ground and clapping, and from there I just wanted to keep on building for as long as possible.

Listen below along with another new Klangstof track, “Amansworld.”

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