With You. – “Ghost” Video (Feat. Vince Staples)

With You. is a new project led by the producer Switch, the M.I.A. collaborator who, once upon a time, was half of Major Lazer alongside Diplo. Last year, With You. made a great debut with “Ghost,” a feverish dance-rap collaboration with Vince Staples. And today, they’ve got a video for the song from director Vince McKenzie. The clip looks like a first-person video game, but instead of shooting up a bunch of aliens from hell, you’re at a party, and you’re ingesting just about every form of consciousness-altering substance known to man. Staples himself appears as a hallucination. Check it out below.

You can try out an interactive version of the video here. And check out Major Lazer’s remix of “Ghost.”