Bob Mould Sucks Ass (In A Good Way)

Unlike some former members of Hüsker Dü, Bob Mould still makes his living as a musician (following a brief stint as a writer for WCW five years ago). He talks about his new album, Body of Song to The Onion AV Club this week. Also covered: everything else he’s been talking about in interviews for years, like losing weight (“I was working out two hours a day”) and his former band (“The last 18 months sucked ass? not in a good way”). Now, though, he has a blog, and he explains that he’s no longer as depressed as he used to be:

AVC: It’s really interesting to hear you sound so optimistic. One interviewer circa Workbook called you “the most depressed man in rock.” That’s quite a title.

BM: He’s never met Stephin Merritt, obviously. [Laughs.] I’m not the most depressed man in rock, not anymore. I’m grateful to still be in the race.

See him laugh and smile on tour… chances are, he won’t be staying eating here.