Jimmy Kimmel’s Next Mashup Monday Is Of Monsters And Men At Work

If you can believe it, Jimmy Kimmel has been doing his Mash Up Mondays bit for over a year now, serving as the vessel for such high-brow collaborations as Wee-Z Top, Morris Day And The Haim, and Kenny And Warren G, among others. The next Mash Up Monday will take place this coming one (5/2), and will pair together Of Monsters And Men and Men At Work’s Colin Hay, expectedly titled Of Monsters And Men At Work. Excited yet? Just you wait! Instead of the usual one mash-up, they’ve combined four songs into one giant monster — the Icelandic stadium-rock band’s “Little Talks” and “Love Love Love” and the Australian ’80s blip’s “Down Under” and “Overkill,” as Billboard reports.

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mash Up Monday will air 5/2 on ABC.