Prince Apparently Wanted To Mentor Chris Brown

Does anyone else get absolute pleasure from the image of Prince purifying Chris Brown in the waters of Lake Minnetonka? Anyway, it’s pretty clear that Chris Brown is a deplorable dude, but the Purple One himself didn’t think he was beyond saving. In an unpublished (until now) interview with Rolling Stone at Paisley Park from 2014, Prince expressed a desire to mentor Breezy and encouraged forgiveness for him beating Rihanna. After the reporter labeled Brown’s crime “unforgiveable,” Prince said this in response:

Unforgivable? Goodness. That’s when we go check the master, Christ. … Have you ever instantly forgiven somebody? It’s the best feeling in the world, and it totally dismantles that person’s whole stance.

He also has thoughts on another less-than-decent pop mainstay Justin Bieber, discusses the state of the music industry today, talks Art Official Age and how he hates when people insist on comparing his later work to his vintage classics. Read the interview in its entirety here.