Gonzo Jones – “Technicolor” (Stereogum Premiere)

If the name Gonzo Jones doesn’t already remind you of some sort of ’90s puppet-based TV show, then maybe the throwback hip-hop beat and dusty film reel sample will do the trick. “Technicolor” is the second single to be released from the Australian electronic act’s debut EP Misty Dreams. With distant synths and some “faded”-sounding vocals, the song is brought together by orchestral samples that pulse with the its slightly funky dance beats and vintage synth runs.

Even though “Technicolor” avoids any sense of corniness in its diverse mix of sounds, it still gives off the feeling of a Y2K fever dream; it might be best suited as the background music for some type of Seth Green movie about hackers, set to the cinematography of the Malcolm In The Middle theme song. Maybe that sounds like a stretch, but a song like this one merits such broad and theatrical terms. Combining elements of futurism with soulful funk and classic techno, “Technicolor” spans a pretty broad array of ideas. And in doing so, Gonzo Jones manages to come out with a product that strikes a balance between otherworldly lightness and heavy grooves. Listen below.

Misty Dreams is out 6/17 on Good Manners.

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