Death Grips – “Eh” & “Trash”

Noise-rap enigmas Death Grips are going to release their new album Bottomless Pit tomorrow. And for all their ambivalence toward the music industry, they’ve found a very establishment-friendly way to debut their new track “Eh”: Zane Lowe premiered the song on Beats 1 Radio this afternoon. The song is a madly chattering electro-chirp that honestly sounds like what might happen if some PC Music producer tried to make frantic tough-guy rap. There are moments where Ride sounds like Fatman Scoop. It is reliably weird. Listen to it below.

That’s actually the third song we’ve heard from Bottomless Pit, following “Hot Head” and “Trash.” “Trash,” it turns out, is a song that, for now, you can only hear by dialing the band’s hotline. To listen, call up 1-844-278-7255 and press 1 at the prompt.

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