Watch Mac DeMarco Narrate His Favorite YouTube Videos For Conan

YouTube is a strange and magical place, a place where Mac DeMarco can find a video to satisfy every one of his extremely specific fetishes. You know, just normal stuff like a fully dressed businessman submerging himself in a bathtub, a man in skimpy underwear wading through a muddy creek, or a man dressed as a cop smoking a cigar. “In this video a grown bearded man with Jim Morrison-esque Aviators dressed as a police officer is smoking a giant cigar with a torch lighter, and I believe that this is sexually pleasing to some people who are inclined towards cigar smoking,” as DeMarco explains. “I also enjoy this video as much as the other people do.” Watch him narrate all of his favorite vaguely sexual YouTube videos in a new segment for Conan below.

Have we reached peak Mac DeMarco?