Aesop Rock – “Dorks” Video

NY underground rap stalwart Aesop Rock dropped his solid seventh album, The Impossible Kid, last week. The album has a very dark undercurrent, and “Dorks” is one of its bleakest tracks. Its video is just as dark, starting with a mysterious black-gloved figure pulling out a “missing” flier with the rapper’s picture on it before he raps “Question, if I were to die in my apartment like a rat in a cage/ Would the neighbors smell the corpse before the cat ate my face?” He then proceeds to handle a snake, mix a potion with his own blood and hair in a cauldron, and watch a half antelope/half bear creature inhale the mysterious criminal from the beginning. The loose narrative makes no sense, but the visuals are intriguing and the rhymes are tight as usual. Rob Show directs; check it out.

The Impossible Kid is out now on Rhymesayers.