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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Have you seen Green Room yet? See motherfucking Green Room! I haven’t instantly loved a movie that much since Mad Max: Fury Road. The second half of the movie is so tense and frantic that I would run when I had to go to the bathroom. And up until people started dying, it was a great look at the trials and ecstasies of life as a no-budget touring band. That movie was way better than any of this week’s music videos. This week, everyone must’ve just seen Radiohead coming and cleared the fuck out of the paint. But there were still some good videos, Radiohead included, and we’ve got five of them below.

5. Anderson .Paak – “The Season / Carry Me / The Waters” (Dir. Anderson .Paak & Chris Le)

Anderson .Paak’s personality, it turns out, is big enough even to come through in one of those black-and-white paste-collage pure-unreality worlds. And I like the part where he dances with BJ The Chicago Kid.

4. Amber Arcades – “Fading Lines” (Dir. Gover Meit)

Everytime I watch a skydiving video on YouTube — something I do altogether too often — I feel nothing but pure panic in my stomach. It takes a special video to capture the unreal beauty that has to come from an experience like that, especially if it manages not to send me into fear-spasms while I’m watching.

3. French Montana – “Figure It Out” (Feat. Kanye West & Nas) (Dir. Eif Rivera)

New bucket list item: Jump a motorcycle over an airplane wing, while Kanye West and a couple of bottles of product-placement vodka are sitting on said wing.

2. Modern Baseball – “Wedding Singer” (Dir. Kyle Thrash)

Shout out to all my people for whom the internal nu-metal band never quite goes away.

1. Radiohead – “Burn The Witch” (Dir. Chris Hopewell)

Better than the original Wicker Man. Still not as good as the Nicolas Cage Wicker Man, though.