Stereogum Hearts Norwegian Electronica

I don’t know which side of Erlend Øye I like better, somber strummer or dancefloor dude. The King Of Convenience straddles the folk and electronica worlds better than most, always with a sense of humor, and thus he’s a perfect collaborator for German weirdo Matthew Patterson Curry (AKA Safety Scissors). This is the first single from SS’s 2nd full-length Tainted Lunch, and Erlend contributes vocals and guitar.

Safety Scissors (Feat. Erlend Øye) – Sunlight’s On The Other Side (MP3 link expired)

It’s funny and funky and everything you’d expect from a guy whose label bio says only: “A California heartbreaker who recently started tap dancing lessons. And has a kitten named Napkin.” has a PDF of the album lyrics in Japanese if you have need for such a thing.

San Fran readers can hit the record release party tomorrow.

Saftey Scissors Record Release
September 22, 2005
With My Robot Friend and Soft Pink Truth
Mighty, 119 Utah St.

Otherwise, buy Tained Lunch here.

If you like your electronica less silly, more dreamy, the new Röyksopp might be up your alley. This dreamy cut’s in rotation on the iPod playlist:

Röyksopp – “What Else Is There” (MP3)

You can buy their CD here.

And pulling this post all together … go here for hot Norwegian on Norwegian action: Röyksopp’s live “remix” of Kings Of Convenience’s “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From.” A lot of annoying crowd noise on that particular track, but the site’s still worth hitting for KoC covers of Tom Petty, Simon & Garfunkel, The Cure, Feist, Portishead, Magnetic Fields, Harry Nilsson, and others.

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