Meghan Trainor Removes “Me Too” Video Because It Was Too Photoshopped

Meghan Trainor Removes “Me Too” Video Because It Was Too Photoshopped

Earlier today, Meghan Trainor released the music video for her new single “Me Too.” And then, shortly thereafter, she unreleased it, claiming that her body had been digitally altered without her knowledge or permission. “I took down the ‘Me Too’ video because they Photoshopped the crap out of me,” as she explained to her fans on Snapchat. “And I’m so sick of it and I’m over it, so I took it down until they fix it. My waist is not that teeny, I had a bomb waist that night. I don’t know why they didn’t like my waist, but I didn’t approve that video and it went out for the world, so I’m embarrassed … The video is still one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done, I’m very proud of it. I just am pissed off that they broke my ribs, you know?”

If it’s true, it’s understandable that she’s pissed off about it. Last week, Rumer Wilis said that Photoshopping women is a form of bullying, and this sort of thing famously didn’t work out very well for Paula Abdul in her “The Promise Of A New Day” music video. Plus, we’re talking about a woman whose breakout hit, whether or not you think it succeeded in its aims, was at least supposed to be all about body positivity, and literally included the lyrics “I see the magazine workin’ that Photoshop/ We know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop.” Check out the offending video below.

UPDATE: Trainor was interviewed about the controversy in USA Today: “I saw fans posting it and was like, ‘Why are fans ruining my waist? Are you kidding?’ Then I went to the video and was like, ‘Oh my god.’ I texted the editors like, ‘I never asked you to touch my waist. I want my waist back.’ … I had to try not to cry because I had my [makeup] done, and was like, ‘Don’t ruin this. Go work and ignore it,’ but I couldn’t help it. I [posted a video] on Snapchat and was like, ‘Hey, took down my video because people are still breaking me and Photoshopping me and I’m sick of it. I’m over it. I’m so done.'”

UPDATE 2: Here’s the revised video.

Trainor further explained to Howard Stern why she called Epic’s L.A. Reid and Sylvia Rhone to take the video down when she saw fans’ Instagrams. “If you look at the picture, it’s really awful … I worked so hard, that was like a 22-hour shoot, that was 2AM, I had a Spanx, corset, everything. I couldn’t have gotten more compliments that night of: ‘Oh, you look so snatched.’ And for them to cut off another half, I was like, ‘But why would I wear all that torture?'”

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