Watch Pearl Jam Play With 10-Year-Old Fan On Guitar

When Pearl Jam played Quebec City last week, they had a special guest: A 10-year-old kid from Bar Harbor, Maine, who’d driven up with his parents for the show. According to ABC News, young Noah Keeley’s parents sent the band an email with a video of Noah playing Pearl Jam songs on guitar. And during the show, Eddie Vedder invited Noah onstage, and he played guitar on the Binaural outtake “Sad,” his favorite PJ song. Up there, Keeley looked like a nervous child, not like a stage kid, and that’s a good thing. And according to the Portland Press Herald, the next day in Quebec City, people were coming up to Keeley and asking him for autographs. Below, watch video of him playing with the band.

When Keeley was done performing with the band, Pearl Jam made the nice gesture of covering Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” and dedicating it to his parents.

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