Sally Shapiro – “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

The alluring electronic partnership known as Sally Shapiro recently announced that their project was coming to an end. As a final goodbye to Sally Shapiro, the duo recently released their last single “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind” to cap off the work that they did together.

Now, 10 years to the day since Sally Shapiro shared their debut release, they are saying their last goodbyes to the project with a video for their final song. Directed by Jarett Sitter, it illustrates the story of one girl’s adventure to give life to the barren planet that she inhabits. After turning her tower into an underground shuttle and traveling to the single source that can turn her home from brown to green, she mystically transcends life from her planet’s core to its surface. As we see the small girl’s home start to bloom, we see the creation of a blossoming new world — not unlike the world Sally Shapiro created with their music. But before the video comes to an end, it shows that the girl has now been laid to rest, a sort of signifier that group has run its course, too. Watch the video below and send your final salutations to the duo.