Congrats To Taylor Swift On Her Taylor Swift Award

Taylor Swift already wins all the awards. But now someone has really gone the extra mile: Naming an award after Taylor Swift and the presenting that award to Taylor Swift. Maybe that’s the only way to get her to show up at your awards ceremony anymore? In any case, the performing rights organization BMI held its annual BMI Pop Awards last night in Beverly Hills. And after what must’ve been a moment of intense suspense, the organization handed its first-annual Taylor Swift Award to Swift.

This is only the second time that BMI has named an award after a specific performer; they last did it for Michael Jackson in 1990. The award is intended to recognize “creative and artistic talent and influence,” as Billboard reports. Swift also won Pop Songwriter Of The Year. Sadly, it appears that neither award was an actual statue of Taylor Swift. That would’ve been cool. And while there’s no video of her accepting the awards online yet, there is this strange Associated Press video, from last night, of famous people saying nice things about her.

Taylor onstage at the 64th Annual BMI Pop Awards. (5.10.16) #taylorswift

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It would be pretty cool if BMI just gave her this exact award every year.

UPDATE: Here’s some video of Swift’s acceptance speech.

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