The Flaming Lips Are In A New X-Men Comic

Lately, the world-dominating comic book company Marvel has been making some entreaties to the music world — publishing a few Run The Jewels-themed covers, nodding to classic rap artwork in some other covers. And now, as Billboard reports, a new X-Men title will feature a full-on guest appearance from OG freak-rockers the Flaming Lips.

The Lips make an appearance in the newest issue of X-Men ’92, a book that takes place in Marvel’s early-’90s continuity. And they’re not the only ’90s band in there; Texan rockers the Toadies also appear in the same issue. Writer Chris Sims had the idea to feature actual celebrity guests in the comics, the way early-’90s comics used to do. And in a statement, Lips frontman Wayne Coyne says, “Being in an X-Men comic where they (the X-Men themselves) actually run security at one of our shows… I should have written a song about that. I mean… before it really happened.”

The Lips on the book’s cover look more like the band’s present-day incarnation than like their early-’90s selves. But if we really get into continuity issues in Marvel comics, we’ll be here all day.