Happyness – “SB’s Truck” Video

Band To Watch Happyness are back with a brand new song called “SB’s Truck,” their first release since their 2014 debut album Weird Little Birthday. Interestingly, the song is said to be about a claim that ’80s wrestler André The Giant had to be driven to school in a truck with Samuel Beckett because he was too big to fit in a car. The track’s video features someone someone playing guitar in a greenhouse, their face covered by an oversized Bob Dylan mask. Of the video, the band said: “We always thought it was kind of a funny idea that a cartoon person might have to turn up to a big glamorous cover shoot for a magazine like Mad. And that ended up fusing with a pretty vague video idea we’ve had floating around for a while about what Bob Dylan does in his green room.” Check it out below.

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