Iggy Pop – “Sunday” Video

Punk legend Iggy Pop released his latest full-length effort Post Pop Depression earlier this spring. One of the late singles and standout tracks was “Sunday,” a warped, funky lounge number that melts into orchestral strings. Today it gets the visual treatment. The camera slowly descends on Pop’s home before he goes about his day, presumably a typical Sunday. He does a weird mix of tai chi and dancing on his lawn while Josh Homme chops blocks of wood with an axe, and then the two hit a venue to perform the song before the orchestral arrangement kicks in and things get artsy. Some people said Pop was weird for weird’s sake when he was pulling off all of his bizarre stage antics back in the day, but over 45 years later and he’s still got plenty of weirdness left in him. Check it out.

Post Pop Depression is out now.