Super Furry Animals – “Bing Bong” Video

Welsh art-pop legacy act Super Furry Animals made a comeback in 2015 when they released a new video and subsequently announced a tour earlier this year. Their last full-length, Dark Days/Light Years came out back in 2009. Today, Super Furry Animals put out a new single titled “BingBong” along with an accompanying video. The track itself is sung entirely in Welsh. Gruff Rhys made the following statement about the song in a press release, according to Pitchfork:

Bing Bong is a Welsh folk idiom that we have appropriated, but its pronunciation has been partly inspired by the sonic motif of the talking robot, Twiki, in the 1979-81 sci-fi series: Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century.

Check out the video and read the song’s lyrics in English below.

“Bing Bong” lyrics:

Oh! Glowing Moon
Oh! Moon of beauty
You peak every month
But I’m constantly peaking.

From Môn to Monmouth
To Abercraf
From Fflint to Penfro
From the Gwyrfai to the Taff

The ball’s like a pixel
In a game of Pong
Noise comes from our screens;
‘Bing’ and then ‘Bong’

And so significant
Is our cry
That no computer
Can control our flow