Diplo & DJ Snake Call Out David Guetta For Ripping Off “Lean On”

EDM beef! Diplo had probably his biggest-ever hit last year, when Major Lazer teamed up with DJ Snake and MØ for the sinuous “Lean On.” More recently, the French superstar DJ David Guetta came out with the new single “This One’s For You,” France’s song for this year’s Euro soccer tournament. The Guetta track has some of the same wobbly-flute sounds and bubbly reggae drums as “Lean On,” and Diplo and DJ Snake noticed.

As YourEDM points out, Snake targeted Guetta last night with a series of since-deleted tweets, including one of a Guetta poster with a dildo stuck to its forehead and saying that Guetta’s track is a “Fake Lean On.” Diplo backed him up with a few of his own, writing, “you not above us @davidguetta .. U can’t rip us off and go unnoticed .. It’s a small community here.” You can see screengrabs of those tweets at YourEDM. Below, listen to both tracks and decide for yourself.

Let’s all at least agree that “Lean On” is a way better song.